Our Story

Who We Are

Canada Jetlines Ltd. is set to become Canada’s first ultra-low fare airline. Jetlines was created to serve the millions of Canadians living in unserved or underserved markets across the country. Our goal is to provide a much-needed alternative to the unreasonably high cost of air travel.

Jetlines is a publicly traded company run by a management team and board of directors with extensive experience in running low-cost airlines and raising money, as well as providing excellent customer service and value for all stakeholders.

Jetlines will use the proven and profitable ultra-low cost carrier (ULCC) model, which has enjoyed decades of success in every other industrialized region of the world. The ULCC model offers airline tickets at a fraction of the price of traditional carriers. Click here to learn more about the ULCC model.

To meet the significant demand for low fares and direct flights, Jetlines will fly point-to-point across Canada and non-stop from Canada to the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean from more than 30 secondary airports. These airports are not only cheaper to use, but also more accessible for many travellers. They also provide a more comfortable and relaxed travel experience.

With support from our partners at Boeing, InterVISTAS, and other industry specialists, Jetlines is currently developing a detailed route model and our target is to begin commercial operations in 2018. We plan to start flying with six Boeing 737 aircraft in our first year.

Jetlines recently gained unprecedented government support with the grant of a five-year Foreign Ownership Exemption Order. This allows up to 49% foreign voting interest in Jetlines, an increase from 25% that is otherwise permitted. This exemption has opened up avenues for financing. It has also cleared the way for Jetlines to pursue many other value-creating catalysts necessary to help us meet our goal of starting commercial passenger service by 2018.

What We Stand For

At Canada Jetlines, our mission is simple: To provide affordable travel for all. Our motto, Flying Your Way”, demonstrates our commitment to offer our passengers a choice.

Our airline will appeal to travellers that value low-base fares, convenience, great service and the highest level of safety. Our ultra-low cost carrier (ULCC) model will allow Canadians to fly more often and open up a new market of travelers. These are travellers not currently flying from Canadian airports due to high airfares or because of the lack of jet service from Canada’s secondary airports/local airports. Some are flying out U.S. airports near the Canada-U.S. border where flights are usually cheaper.

Jetlines plans to create a new market for air travel in Canada and retain passengers by demonstrating our passion for service, which we believe is unrecognizable in today’s market.

Our Values

Canada Jetlines was created with a set of core values that benefit all stakeholders including customers, employees and investors. These values include:

  • Safety: At Jetlines, safety is our top priority. Just because we offer low-cost service does not mean we spend less time or resources on ensuring our operations meet and exceed the highest safety standards.
  • Reliability: All travellers want to arrive at their destination relaxed and on time. At Jetlines, our goal is to be known in the industry for our reliability. By flying to and from secondary airports, travel is less congested, more comfortable and more relaxed. We will also be relied upon for offering service that is affordable for all.
  • People: We don’t hire just anyone. Our staff is handpicked, professionally trained and always puts the customer first. Their role and responsibility are to provide a great customer experience for all passengers.
  • Innovation: Low cost doesn’t mean less focus on technology and innovation. Jetlines will run its business with a heavy reliance on the latest technology to deliver a quick and seamless customer experience.

Our Customer Service Value Proposition

At Jetlines, we are working to deliver the best value and service. Our goal is to provide a simple and friendly customer experience. We will do this by providing:

  • Customer-focused service both in-flight and on-ground. We will achieve this through a focus on cabin attendant recruitment, training, management support and empowering employees to serve our customers based on our values.
  • Seamless and continuous in-flight service. Our goal is to respond to customer wants and needs with a range of route specific products and services, true to the philosophy that “one size does not fit all.”
  • A high presence of cabin attendants during flights, with increased accessibility for the passengers.
  • Choice to passengers for food or other ancillary items. We won’t charge our travellers for services that they don’t want or need. Instead, our service will enable travellers to pay for what they want while travelling. These value added ‘up-sales’ and ancillary products will be made simple, clear, and reasonable.